• About TRE

What is TRE?

Are you anxious, stressed, frustrated, fearful, angry, depressed, irritable, worried, restless, sleep deprived and/or suffer from unexplained aches and pains? Why not try something different to alleviate these symptoms?

TRE (Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a self-help process that initiates the body’s natural mechanism of tremoring to release daily stress, tension, anxiety and trauma held in the body.

These occur naturally in every day life, but we have learnt to suppress this mechanism and as a result our bodies hold onto these events which could lead to pain and disease.

For more information, visit traumaprevention.com | treforafrica.com

TRE sessions / classes

Book a private session and start enjoying the benefits of TRE.

Maintenance group sessions are held approximately every two to three weeks. Clients are welcome to join in these classes once they have completed at least four private sessions.

Group sessions are held on Saturday mornings throughout the year. Beginner groups are also run from time to time. Beginner groups consist of six sessions and one private session.