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Every one of us is on a journey, knowingly or unknowingly. When I first realised that this journey will continue with or without my consciousness, I had to find a way to stay awake and be present and what better way than being in my body.

My body, what a wonderful vessel I have to continue on my quest but how frightful to know that I know so little and have lost my power steering along the way. Then I met Pilates at PB Studio.

It has been an awakening, a surprise to know there are muscles disconnected from my brain because I stopped using them! Every week Janine, at PB Studio, teaches us about connecting, breathing, moving and then moving some more.

I will continue moving at PB Studio and one day I will do a roll up, by myself, slowly, without blinking an eye!


I am not a sporty person and do not really enjoy exercising. During 2012 I read an article on the benefits of Pilates, and I was curious about the positive effects it can have for your physical and mental health. I signed up for classes with Janine in June 2012 and was immediately hooked on this form of exercise.

While my primary focus is stress-relief, I have seen and felt a difference in my body after attending classes for the last five years. Initially I really struggled with the exercises, but it is amazing how your brain can build new pathways and how the body can follow.

My main aim is still stress-relief, and I use the time to forget about work and worries. This is what I love about Pilates. For 45 minutes you only focus on your breathing and following the correct movements, while putting everything else aside.

The exercises energise me in a very noticeable way, and I am proud of the way my suppleness has improved over time.

Overall, my time with Janine has made me feel great in my own skin, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Pilates to anyone regardless of their fitness levels.


Pilates at PB Studio is a great workout which never gets boring because each class is unique. This ensures that exercising stays interesting and fun for me. The atmosphere is always warm and welcoming and Janine is extremely supportive. The classes are small and you get optimal individual attention. Janine offers it all – customised workouts in a wonderful, happy and supportive class environment, no matter your weight or fitness level.